Meet Bella.

June 17,2018 We heard a puppy in distress and went in the woods and found a flea infested, malnourished puppy. She was dehydrated and wasn’t sure she would make it for a couple of days.

3 weeks later she was dx by Dr. Kinney with Mega Esophagus. I now prep her meals and she has to eat in an upright position and stays upright for 15-20 minutes after her meals so gravity can get the food to her stomach. She has a baby carrier and I wear her sometimes but occasionally while I’m getting ready for work I attach her carrier to the door or chair. She just watches me and doesn’t fuss about it at all. Other than mealtime, she’s just an ordinary happy puppy full of energy.

Maria Scott

I had two cats, Cheena and Alexis, for almost 20 years, whom I loved so much. The Whatley – Kinney clinic cared for them from the time they were 3 months old. In the end, I had to have both of my babies, when they werew 18 and 20 years old, put to sleep due to health complications as a result of their age. They were in such pain and confusion it just wasn’t fair to cling to them for selfish reasons. The staff at Whatley – Kinney Vet clinic saw me and my babies thourgh this with compassion and repsect. After a year of loss, I have adopted a new baby,Loretta,who is 4 months old. Each time she and I have been to the clinic we have been well cared for by professional and caring doctors and staff who truly care and empathize with her and me. I would highly recomend this clinic to anyone in the Adairsville, Rome, Calhoun area and beyond who love their animals and want the best care for them. -Maria Scott, Adairsville

Ailicec Snevets

Very personable and caring. They really seem to take an interest in the furbaby. They also have a wonderful ‘bedside manner’.

Lisa Kimmerling

Thanks so much for helping keep our furfamily happy and healthy! I don’t know what we would do without you guys!

Leanna Brinkley Sabin

I adore all the girls here! They are some of the sweetest souls, all very kind & caring. They made loosing my baby just a bit easier & I’d trust any of them with my babies.